Let’s say John Doe is “under review” by the FBI. The FBI says “Give us all the email traffic you generated that should have been generated in-house and never out of government control to begin with.”

John Doe says “Ok ,after my dozens of uncleared attorneys and IT maintenance people review it for classified information.” John Doe then sends around 2/3 of it which contains the kind of information that should never have been exposed to anyone not having a TS SCI level clearance. Then the other 1/3 of the information shows up containing even more classified material.

At the very least…shouldn’t John Doe be charged with numerous crimes? Shouldn’t the uncleared reviewers be under investigation?


Bono Is Your Last Name Bo?

January 24, 2014

It’s been a while but I needed to write this one …I was in the fitness center listening to an audio book. Glanced at CNBC morning squawk or something. Can’t hear but the graphic on screen over some guy interviewing Bono in Davos quotes him “We have to keep public pressure to get money from government budgets.”

Sorry if this is an insult to Bonobos but Bono, isn’t it enough to buy a ticket that costs as much as a Chinese worker makes in a month to hear you sing? I don’t even need or want to know the rest of the story behind you encouraging people of any country to tell their governments to take their money and use it for any purpose you may deem worthy.

I might  change my mind if I found out your intent is to have that money given back to the people it was taken from in the first place.

Please go back to singing. I’ll go back to my audio book.

So, now that we seem to be past the “It’s all about me” age I am back to see my blog is still here after God knows what (I’ll check it all later). Meanwhile. Restaurant Stakeout has this Willie Degel guy dispensing the kind of advice I used to pay $250 for a 4 hour seminar to get. Tommy Hopkins, Rick Pitino, Stephen Covey got nothin’ on this guy. He sounds like …well…if New York had hillbillies he’d be Jed Clampett but everything he sees and says when he takes apart a restaurant is right on point. I don’t care if this is ever seen by anyone but if it is it’ll be a favor to whoever sees it and it’ll be a nice compliment for Willie. Train your staff! 🙂

P.S. Where have I been comes later 🙂


The State of AI

March 19, 2012

From a former contact in AI development.

“Or it may be that the problems people are using BRMS’s for are so simple that sequential rules, each checking a field on a claim, are all the reasoning most people need. Or it may just be that cheap low end junk always wins. Or maybe it’s IBM.”

I think this is one more factor contributing to my being completely out of this area now. I think everything you said is correct (mostly because it consists mostly of facts). It IS a combination of factors but the biggest is that…in many cases… crap is enough. It is why there are thousands of chain restaurants serving ribs and chowder out of plastic bags along with corn that went from the freezer to the glow light and tastes like cattle feed.

Maybe call it AAI? Artificial Artificial Intelligence?
I do think it is all many companies need. I think Artificial Intelligence has moved upstream. Artificial Mediocrity has taken over. We don’t need true intelligence to make decisions about loans and health insurance for the people who eat at Chili’s and Red Lobster.

It ‘feels’ like the real AI work has moved up to systems and levels that just can’t or don’t take advantage of all the guys like you who can do this stuff. It feels about the same as it did when there stopped being a difference between programmers and software engineers and when companies quit looking for people who know what compilers were.

Now it feels like there are so many under-employed people around. Like the Kurdish Physicist who works in my apartment complex or the Chinese MD who runs a fast-food outlet.

This is why I now am working only on IP attorney searches.

Let me know if the market ever comes back…

I miss all the guys I don’t get to call anymore.

Back in the Saddle Again

January 18, 2012

Great chorus for this Aerosmith tune. I’ve heard the song a hundred times since I first saw the band live in 1977 or thereabouts and never had a clue to the rest of the words. I can’t tell if the words were written while very drunk or if maybe they’d make more sense when heard in that condition. The first 42 seconds of the link at the end of this post is a nice loop to start the day.

Just the snippet of the chorus keeps running through my heard though because of the timing of a number of events.

After years of banging our heads against the walls doing search in the intelligence community…and then after a few years of the intelligence community banging our heads against the wall for us…we have become busy enough with other searches that we are only keeping two clients in this space.

This blog has been dormant for months while the realization of the futility of working this niche was combined with a couple other significant factors.

Our largest commercial account was sold to an unfriendly VC firm, our second-largest commercial account is re-tooling their open searches for a couple months and certain clueless, interested parties think we are making it all up.

Maybe someday those clueless, interested parties might realize it would be a lot better for them if they’d let me focus on what I should be doing instead of dreaming up new ways to distract me and make it harder to completely re-tool my business. On the other hand, maybe not since the clueless party makes a living stirring and spurring the interested party.

Meanwhile, I keep hearing the Aerosmith tune because we didn’t even need to go find a new niche. It found us. In a few months we should be blogging several times a week about all the fun and interesting things we are seeing in the field of legal search.

Within a week, I expect to post something here about the first major difference Clyde and I have seen. It is the puzzling and delightful phenomenon of the humanity and simple courtesy exhibited by the players in our new niche as compared to the folks we used to call so frequently and speak with so seldom.



It’s been a busy summer. Been away from the blog for a while. Feels like a good time to update the old idea of what I tell people who come to me looking for jobs. I think most people hearing this for the first time appreciate it. I know our paying clients appreciate it.

Dear Job-seeker:

I can certainly sense your frustration with the job market. It’s long been a frustration of mine that what people in my field do admittedly conditions people to have certain expectations when they come to us while looking for a new opportunity.

My frustration is that while any normal person would indeed think we’d be able to do something it’s normally the toughest time for us. 

Our clients hire us to go find their competitor’s best people…and if we are any good we usually have clients lined up wanting more of them than we can find. 

So what usually happens is I send this apology and I send along any companies I think might be a match for you that you can approach yourself. Then a couple years from now when you are happily employed a client sends a description for someone just like you. I call you and if you remember me then we see if our client can compete. 

That said, I never feel like this step is ‘wasted’ because sometimes there IS a match with a current search and we DO often go back later and do some good. 

I hope this helps with your overall effort and I encourage you to make these connections. It’s just better to have a good set of expectations at the beginning.


July 28, 2011

Just when I maybe,kinda’, halfway, sorta’, little bit, let myself think I may be figuring out facebook along comes GooglePlus. Who knows? Maybe it’ll overtake facebook someday. Right now though, I don’t see a single thing about it that is the least bit interesting. I hope I learn something more about it.

 Maybe it is more valuable than what I still think is the biggest waste of time in history…Twitter…Can’t wait to review this post in a year. Still loving all my Twitter-carping from years back.