Email Rocks!

September 25, 2008

“No Time to Rant But There’s a Good One Hidden Below” was my title but the new one serves a better purpose.

I already know I am going to have to kill my RantReminder tomorrow because I am backed up and having too much fun headhunting. It just so happens that the posting with “Balancing Trainer Nuggets” has a good discussion thread about email that is not evident in the part that is posted.

Neil and Joel…’er “Sabio” helped clarify that my claim of email having a place in our business that is different than phoning and that neither should displace the other is not the same as saying email can do the same things phoning can do should be a good string for people to evaluate. It’s a lot more informative than the black and white statement I started out with…that I’ll still stand by just because I am obstinate…and correct.


One good thing about the rare anonymous jerks who complain about what I write here is that I no longer write everything. That and being busy have made me a bit more choosy about what I want to invest the time in, live with, and defend here.

There are two classic trainer lines I keep hearing that just bug me when they are not balanced or explained and usually they are not. First is the edict to all recruiters in the TFL reader industry… “You must make X ‘marketing’ calls a day.”

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