October 19, 2010

I’ve been too busy to indulge myself here lately but I just had to stop and take a complaint break. I can’t believe that LinkedIn has the gall to put a $10 price tag on these stupid InMails. I know it is not just me and how I write them because I ask lots of others. The success rate, defined by me as even getting any acknowledgement including a decline, is about 10%.

I doubt anyone is dumb enough to pay that price but it’s frustrating that they cost at all and they don’t do for me as well as a plain old email.

While I am complaining, let’s throw in the beta of LinkedIn Signal. You can’t use it on Internet Explorer so I had to download Chrome just to find out it is barely anything at all. I thought I’d get a filter that would allow me to turn off the news/RSS feeds on the 70% of my LinkedIn network that I don’t want to see. THAT’S the one thing they should be trying to sell me. C’Mon guys!!