And I’d love to hear Jeff Skrentny’s take on this if he’d quit rooting for the Cubs long enough to let the Cardinals catch up. I am expecting to walk into a public restroom soon and find some guy passing out DVDs to use for the ‘clean-up’ process. I have nothing against any of these people trying to bring us the future but it needs to make sense and whatever new offering they have must do something BETTER than it is already being done. I don’t even need to debate the utility of a video resume here. Many of us could easily argue both sides but plain old resumes do the job so well that Rokos is likely to be irrelevant for a long time. Who remembers CD Business Cards that we were to stick into our computer drives from about 5 years ago? I’d like anyone to set a reminder in their software to email me 1 year from now so I can either gloat or flog myself when we see how FutureResume is doing. Read the rest of this entry »



July 15, 2008

I can barely stop to write this one because it seems every 5 minutes something else gets hotter. This is not a complaint about what’s going on but I think the question alone will generate some interesting comments. It feels like RIGHT NOW would be a good time to make these profiles portable. Especially on Ning. Whaddaya think?

Non-Clash of the Titans

July 10, 2008

I tried to post as a comment on Cheezhead’s blog but it wouldn’t upload so here’s my 3rd (com)post of the week. It’s about the notion that the new Fordyce Letter Network and RecruitingBlogs need to be seen as opposing each other.

I like Jason. I like David. I provide content to both. Like some others I think a win/lose aspect is less relevant than what these two or any others can accomplish individually. I meet with other recruiters a lot some make a lot more than I do. Most make a lot less. None of that is win/lose and I NEVER run into any of them in the market I work and I really don’t compete against specific people for any given dollar either. Read the rest of this entry »

I have a collection of emails going back years from ZoomInfo,RecruiterLife and now evidently RecruiterEarth that may total 100 or more. They seem to be the same people. Those 100 are from after I began saving them for any hungry attorney who wants my case. Bob Style, please forward to a friend. If he/she normally gets 1/3 I’ll volunteer 60% to the attorney who takes this case before we even negotiate.

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Executive Recruiter?

July 3, 2008

I hope this one does not come out like a rant. It doesn’t feel like one…I just need some input and education on this term. I have never quite understood OR identified with the term Executive Recruiter. I am glad headhunter seems to be losing its stigma because it is not just descriptive of what I sell…it also keeps me on my toes…because ,by definition, headhunters can’t afford to do much resume-shopping and I like telling my clients and potential clients and even candidates why I embrace the term. You hire me. I get you what you want.

On the other hand, I never could figure out whether executive recruiter meant I was a recruiter who recruited executives … I do some of that now but my practice still mostly involves individual technical contributors… Or did it mean I was a recruiter who was also an executive. I cannot and never could sell myself on that one even with my modest amount of maturation and wisdom. Many people will simply laugh out loud if I ever try to refer to myself as an executive anything. Executives are suits like Darren on Bewitched who make lots of money doing things that normal people cannot believe they get paid anything for because they don’t have a clue what they do. (Ok, by that definition there are some people in my hometown who might think I am an executive after all, except for the suit part). I am not knocking the term at all… I’d just like to hear more about what it means…

I have to start all these posts with I LOVE LINKEDIN as a database!!! I really really do. This is not intended as a direct attack on Don Breckenridge’s position in his Open Door vs Hide n Seek post. That’d be kind of hard anyhow because he covers quite a few positions there 🙂 .  For this post I just want to focus on one Molotov cocktail of a notion and see what kind of argument we get in comments. I am just going to say it and be prepared to defend it. I won’t weaken it by pointing out that it is just my opinion. I believe it could be proven as fact if anyone cared to do it. Here it is… Regardless of networking style it is nothing if there has been no talking/meeting/contact involved. I don’t know what to call it when it consists of people you don’t even know but it ain’t social and it ain’t a network. Read the rest of this entry »