Fantastic Fordyce Forum

June 18, 2007

Wow! My last entry was right before the Forum got going. My expectations were high for this thing but I could have set them higher and still been wowed.I have read Tony Beshara stories for many years and wondered how a guy could be that organized/dedicated/regimented/committed etc. Listening to him made it obvious. I am glad he is in our profession instead of coaching basketball. If he coached basketball, life would be boring because he’d always win. Jeff Kaye laid out a process that would incerase anyone’s business …if followed….but I don’t think we need to worry about too many people actually doing it. I hope that does not sound TOO cynical. I just know that I implement as much as most people do after training conferences and if I did everything I learned at all the conferences I have been to I’d be writing this from my Gulfstream on the way to Cannes. I dare say that our Pinnacle Panel was rather popular….even though I did (completely inadvertantly) “poke” an audience member for something he didn’t say. All in all, this was a great first effort. Phone’s a waitin’…



June 12, 2007

Ok… I have missed,delayed or deleted my last few blog reminders because we have been so blessed busy that I have not had time to think a bout things that usually spur me to write here. So…My Dell deal got even worse but Vonage made them seem like Nordstroms. Enough off-topic stuff…. I am SO excited to see one of my biggest heroes, Paul Hawkinson, in the flesh for the first time since NAPS in Chicago in 1987 (I think). It is also going to be great to meet other Fordyce writers… Our conference bios are funny now. I put in my average production since 1999 …a few others did as well. Now I can see why I have admired Jon Bartos’ column since he started it. He must be making placements while I am blogging and working on state associations etc etc. Just remember…anything I might say here is only worth about 4.5 points on the Bartos scale…Gotta go…Les bon temps roulez…