What’s news?

March 31, 2008

So..saving the meat of the matter for another time, let’s say that a recruiter/manager person publicly leveled accusations so serious and specific as to have someone spreading it via email use the word “unbelievable” in the subject line of the email and report it to NAPS etc. Thinking it to be unbelievable in a more literal sense, I asked someone who knew the accused who had him explain the situation to me. After the semi-public response that now makes it appear the original accuser should be tarred and feathered Read the rest of this entry »


I see people like this so rarely anymore that I tend to forget they exist. It used to be fun to ‘punish’ them for their stupidity but now I realize their attitude does that for them. I sent him this response to see whether he’ll choose ‘angry’ or ‘Oh, I see what you mean’. They usually run about 50/50. Read the rest of this entry »

Interesting…the other comments in a Pinnacle Forum also seemed to interpret that I ‘didn’t see this coming”. I may have to both re-read and re-write that when I have time. This did not surprise me in the least and I remember distinctly thinking ‘yeah right’ the first time I heard someone (and later many more) suggest we should open our networks.

That might be fine for many people in many professions but for experienced, niched headhunters it is just plain, unarguably stupid. SO stupid that I just can’t wait to hear the other side. Read the rest of this entry »

But since I am not Jane Fonda or Diane Keaton I will only write it as “sneak-f***ed” and let your imagination figure it out. I am applying this term to the news release this week about LinkedIn Recruiter Read the rest of this entry »

Split over Splits

March 7, 2008

With what feels like a sudden crop of tadpole recruiting boards added to the long-established split networks it seemed like a good time to mention something prompted by a discussion in the Pinnacle Society forum. One end of the ‘split stick’ has people who do nothing but splits and the other has the people who say ‘Why would I ever split a fee when I can do it myself?’ Read the rest of this entry »