The State of AI

March 19, 2012

From a former contact in AI development.

“Or it may be that the problems people are using BRMS’s for are so simple that sequential rules, each checking a field on a claim, are all the reasoning most people need. Or it may just be that cheap low end junk always wins. Or maybe it’s IBM.”

I think this is one more factor contributing to my being completely out of this area now. I think everything you said is correct (mostly because it consists mostly of facts). It IS a combination of factors but the biggest is that…in many cases… crap is enough. It is why there are thousands of chain restaurants serving ribs and chowder out of plastic bags along with corn that went from the freezer to the glow light and tastes like cattle feed.

Maybe call it AAI? Artificial Artificial Intelligence?
I do think it is all many companies need. I think Artificial Intelligence has moved upstream. Artificial Mediocrity has taken over. We don’t need true intelligence to make decisions about loans and health insurance for the people who eat at Chili’s and Red Lobster.

It ‘feels’ like the real AI work has moved up to systems and levels that just can’t or don’t take advantage of all the guys like you who can do this stuff. It feels about the same as it did when there stopped being a difference between programmers and software engineers and when companies quit looking for people who know what compilers were.

Now it feels like there are so many under-employed people around. Like the Kurdish Physicist who works in my apartment complex or the Chinese MD who runs a fast-food outlet.

This is why I now am working only on IP attorney searches.

Let me know if the market ever comes back…

I miss all the guys I don’t get to call anymore.


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