Bird Dogs

April 27, 2007


Million Dollar Producers

April 23, 2007

This needs to be quick because I just got back from my 11th Pinnacle Society meeting in a row. When I get back from these I have a mountain of things that piled up while I was gone and another mountain of things to process that I learned during the meetings. Without picking on ANYONE in particular, I want to thank Danny Cahill for speaking the thoughts of many of us when he pointed out that someone with project managers, recruiters and researchers who does over a million in business in a year should not be compared to someone doing that same million (or to be very precise 970k) in the case of Mike Buckley who did it with a phone and a pack of cigs. I certainly do not want to take anything away from the ones who have the group to do it either. I had that kind of production (over a million) for several years in a row but we called our other people recruiters and let them quote their own numbers. I admire,salute and love everyone in this business who makes it honestly (and by “makes it” I mean just survives) and I don’t much care what they call it but I’d like a better handle overall on where average of 400k plus since ’99 on deals that ONLY I touched fits into things. Then… I can learn from Mike Buckley how to make twice as much revenue instead of how to make myself look twice as big as I am… like the Birds of Paradise…GOTTA MAKE SOME CALLS!!

Don’t Tread on Me

April 13, 2007