Back in the Saddle Again

January 18, 2012

Great chorus for this Aerosmith tune. I’ve heard the song a hundred times since I first saw the band live in 1977 or thereabouts and never had a clue to the rest of the words. I can’t tell if the words were written while very drunk or if maybe they’d make more sense when heard in that condition. The first 42 seconds of the link at the end of this post is a nice loop to start the day.

Just the snippet of the chorus keeps running through my heard though because of the timing of a number of events.

After years of banging our heads against the walls doing search in the intelligence community…and then after a few years of the intelligence community banging our heads against the wall for us…we have become busy enough with other searches that we are only keeping two clients in this space.

This blog has been dormant for months while the realization of the futility of working this niche was combined with a couple other significant factors.

Our largest commercial account was sold to an unfriendly VC firm, our second-largest commercial account is re-tooling their open searches for a couple months and certain clueless, interested parties think we are making it all up.

Maybe someday those clueless, interested parties might realize it would be a lot better for them if they’d let me focus on what I should be doing instead of dreaming up new ways to distract me and make it harder to completely re-tool my business. On the other hand, maybe not since the clueless party makes a living stirring and spurring the interested party.

Meanwhile, I keep hearing the Aerosmith tune because we didn’t even need to go find a new niche. It found us. In a few months we should be blogging several times a week about all the fun and interesting things we are seeing in the field of legal search.

Within a week, I expect to post something here about the first major difference Clyde and I have seen. It is the puzzling and delightful phenomenon of the humanity and simple courtesy exhibited by the players in our new niche as compared to the folks we used to call so frequently and speak with so seldom.



One Response to “Back in the Saddle Again”

  1. Ron Stanley Says:

    Hi Dave! Congrats on the new niche – its always best when they find you, as you already have clients and searches to work on 🙂 At some point my schedule will allow me a more proper call into you to get the full scoop! – Ron

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