The Best Jokes Are True

February 3, 2010

Ok…it’s funny, I am used to it. Absolutely does not bother me anymore but this happens so often. A guy walks into a bar… wait…wrong joke.

A guy calls a headhunter and says “Can you do for me what you did for my cubemate? Headhunter says, you mean get you 8 interviews,8 offers and a new job with a raise next week? Guy says yes,exactly. Headhunter gets him 5 interviews in one week. Guy says ‘don’t push me’ as he cancels all 5 interviews because he told his boss he was interviewing. Says to headhunter… I have no hard feelings because you pushed me (by doing what he asked for). In fact, I really appreciate it because I got a bonus and a raise for cancelling my interviews.

Headhunter says “Congratulations! Who can you introduce me to that I can also do this for? Guy says…Oh… I couldn’t do┬áTHAT to my FRIENDS…


First of all, I like Dr. Drew. His show makes me feel like a well-put-together human being. I am referring to his clientele of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ cases. Some of the people on that show are massively talented but flawed people who are trying to put their lives together. Some of them are not talented especially. They are just able to do something that enough people want to pay money for that they ended up receiving “Robin Williams Money” He said cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have too much money.

What does this have to do with recruiting? There are a bunch of both talented and untalented but economically ‘in demand’ people who are known for how well they treat those they have no need to interact with. There will always be both kinds of people.

This is not intended to be some kind of whiny rant on how the candidates we want to talk with respond to headhunters. We call everyone and we expect a certain percentage to be rude jerks who can’t handle with grace the pressure of being blessed with something everyone wants. I also recognize that most of them think I want to take something from them as opposed to trying to en hance their lives.

The reason I am posting this is because all of these people ,the celebrities and the candidates, have a point at which they can choose how they are going to react. Sometimes they get more than one chance to choose but eventually they end up harming their own economic viability if they keep making the obnoxious choice.

Who’s Dr. Parker? He was one of the best and most famous modern fiction writers. He recently passed away at his desk at 77 years of age. 20 years ago I wrote him a fan letter not even expecting he’d actually ever see it. He not only saw it but wrote back a response that may have been longer than my letter. Robert B. Parker was one of my favorite people.

You guys just need to be careful with your own reputations and economic capital. I very much doubt that Java programming skills with be more or less worthless this time next year… but then 3 months ago I thought I’d be watching Tiger Woods in the new golf season…