July 28, 2011

Just when I maybe,kinda’, halfway, sorta’, little bit, let myself think I may be figuring out facebook along comes GooglePlus. Who knows? Maybe it’ll overtake facebook someday. Right now though, I don’t see a single thing about it that is the least bit interesting. I hope I learn something more about it.

 Maybe it is more valuable than what I still think is the biggest waste of time in history…Twitter…Can’t wait to review this post in a year. Still loving all my Twitter-carping from years back.


Just a Few Questions

June 29, 2011

If this were “Jeopardy!” the correct response would be “What is a PCA?” We had to call it something. It is the big, scary thing many people never check out. These are handled best in a conversation but can also be done as written exchange.

Our biggest battle is just getting someone’s attention long enough to show that the only interest we ever have is whether or not we might be able to bring some kind of value now or years from now. I thought we should put this out there so people can see what we’ll talk about even before we talk about it.

We ALWAYS have ‘hot jobs’ and great clients just like doctors always have pills but we don’t go into a conversation assuming anyone needs medicine.

So, if we are calling you or “InMailing” or emailing you for the first time it is probably for this and we are happy to answer your questions first. Here’s the PCA.


     Thank you for interacting with S e a r c h P a r t n e r. We specialize exclusively in the search for, and direct placement of, cleared technology professionals in the DC/Baltimore/N.VA. area. Most of our business is engaged (retained) so it is essential that we know the best people in our field as opposed to the ‘active’ people.

     One more reminder…We’ll be just as happy as you are if you never need to leave the company you are with now. A majority of people who complete this exercise are not planning any change at this time and it does not signal us that you are ready to do anything more than get to know us.

     Note that this form is for our internal use unless otherwise discussed with you. Please send whatever level of responses you are comfortable with. We are looking forward to possibly representing your interests even if that means confirmation you are already perfectly placed.

1)      Describe in detail what you would be doing in your ideal next position. What technology would you work with? Who would you report to? What types of projects would you be working on? Does it differ from what you do now? The more detail you provide the better for us to understand your career aspirations.       

2)      When were you happiest in your career and why?    

3)      Where are you willing to work?  How far are you willing to travel to and from work?  Is there any reason to even discuss relocation?     

4)      What is your total compensation package?  Please include base, bonus, incentives, stock, etc, and list each separately. Bear in mind this may need to be substantiated at some point. What kind of package do you expect in your next move?      

5)      Please tell us what you can about your security clearance. We are not fishing for info we should not have but we have found people usually can tell us about polys, badges and ability to work ‘on site’.      

6)       What could possibly motivate a decision to leave your current job? If you have not yet made that decision what factors would influence it. 

7)      Describe your search activity, if any, over the past 12 months. Please include any information about interviews and/or offers you have had as well as the types of positions you have evaluated. Who has your resume? If it is available publicly we need to know that now.      



Here Be Dragons

April 26, 2010

Here be dragons, indeed. It’s been a while since I stopped to write. It’s just so strange to be SO busy yet SO unproductive at the same time but I think I am starting to ‘figure it out’.  Actually, I take that back. I can’t actually figure out anything but I can certainly see enough of what’s going on to believe it is a good idea to cultivate some business with some clients  who appreciate what we do. 

We are not unappreciative of our clients and candidates. We always knew we were working in a very difficult space but the reasons for doing it no longer outweigh the reasons for working in niches that understand the value proposition our service in general has to offer.

When it comes down to discovering long-established and valued clients are doing things people should not do to each other and brand new prospective clients are warning us with the quote above it is probably time to make a move.

If one of my favorite quotes from another recruiter is “We have to have a common goal,total trust and care about each other as people”…yet from the current clientele in general (with noted exceptions) we get signals that only a chump would value a quote like this…then I sure don’t need more clients in that ‘community’.

We at SearchPartner try to operate as openly as possible at all times. We act as though everything we say could be played back someday. Might not be likely but it most certainly is possible.

We expect to be, and invite you to, shut us down if we ask a question you can’t answer based on the clearance aspect. By the same token we hope you respect and appreciate when we sometimes have to tell you “I can’t tell you exactly who said you were someone we should call.” We can’t speak for everyone but when we say that it is a true statement.

If I called you only because I saw something online that interested me or because you were a co-author on an interesting paper or because you answered someone else’s phone…I’ll tell you.

I have a whole career based on telling as much as I can and keeping secrets when warranted.

Ronald Reagan is famous for saying “Trust, but verify”.

Trust us. Verify us.

By all means…verify us before you trust us. It should not be hard to do with our firm.