Well, since it is still too busy to write much I have to get good use of what I do write. Here’s a response to a question about whether Cold-Calling is effective in the intelligence community.

Cold calling is not as effective as it used to be. That could be due to me or the industry or a combination of factors. I still try it now and then but I try to let my ‘target’ know that I know he/she gets a lot of attention and that I still think it may benefit him/her in the long run to know us. I don’t even answer my own phone when I don’t know who it is and I am sympathetic to David Simpson’s plight. In fact, I recommend having an email address for that kind of thing. David’s challenge is to find someone on whom he can rely for advice. Someone who does well enough that he doesn’t need to push his own search at his candidates’ expense. It’s tempting to shut off all of them until you want to move but when that happens it pretty much takes me out of the game. I can sometimes refer people who are active and posted but job boards are not the way to meet people. My clients don’t need me to scour job boards for resumes and then upcharge them by about 600%.
Other methods, networking,referrals,advertising are also increasingly challenging. It’s the cost of all the information being so easy to access now. It’s what our clients expect us to do. They don’t care how we engage people they just care that we DO engage people. These days I’d expect to leave 10 or 15 emails and calls for someone like David just to let him know we ARE different as opposed to just saying it. The intel community has to be even more careful about whom they speak to than the general population. I just assume we’ll be looked at and checked out before we are responded to. Thanks, Bill for stimulating a great thread.
P.S. After hammering for 25 years I can usually offer someone who knows me to people if they want to check my references before calling me.


Fordyce Forum

June 15, 2010

If I don’t stop to do this at lunch I just won’t do it. It’s been busy for a few months so I have not been blogging. Q1 was busy because clients were all filling their shopping carts, getting in line, and then leaving the store. NOW, they seem to be lining up 5 deep to fight over the same “Code me Elmo” doll. And, it also seems the ‘commercial world’ is coming back. This has to be short because we have hot new clients who want us calling people which is always a good thing. Maybe I can get back to finding something to poke at on Fridays.

Until then, I just had to stop and reiterate something I said at the end of our Pinnacle Panel at the Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas last Friday. I told David Manaster, in slightly less detail, that I have really appreciated how the Fordyce name has been honored since ERE took over. Having read almost every issue of TFL since I started recruiting in 1985, I was very worried about what would happen when Paul Hawkinson left. It has been long enough now that I think the best comment I can pay is that it just doesn’t seem a lot different. I also want to thank ERE for making the last four Fordyce Forums happen. I have been to 3 of them and want to say, for anyone considering the next one, that there’s nothing like a Pinnacle Society meeting for me…but if I didn’t have them the Fordyce Forum comes pretty close. This year’s venue ,The M Resort and Spa, was a great place for this event and the content is stuff that just isn’t available elsewhere. The Fordyce brand remains dedicated to search and placement.  No other organization is that I know of. No offense intended NAPSers. I am a member and a CPC but just not into ‘staffing’. David, Todd, Kate, Amy and AmyBeth…oh and that Jeff character…Thank you VERY much for a great event!