Willie Degel and Where Have I Been?

June 5, 2013

So, now that we seem to be past the “It’s all about me” age I am back to see my blog is still here after God knows what (I’ll check it all later). Meanwhile. Restaurant Stakeout has this Willie Degel guy dispensing the kind of advice I used to pay $250 for a 4 hour seminar to get. Tommy Hopkins, Rick Pitino, Stephen Covey got nothin’ on this guy. He sounds like …well…if New York had hillbillies he’d be Jed Clampett but everything he sees and says when he takes apart a restaurant is right on point. I don’t care if this is ever seen by anyone but if it is it’ll be a favor to whoever sees it and it’ll be a nice compliment for Willie. Train your staff! 🙂

P.S. Where have I been comes later 🙂



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