Where are the women?

October 17, 2007

Totally miscellaneous response….you tell me J    Ever since Martin Marietta offered me a bonus for women and African Americans back in ’86 my response then and ever since has been I will refer all qualified candidates without regard (and sometimes without even knowing) whether they fit any particular groups.   I have not seen the ratio of the two large groups I deal with change much over 22 years. Those being highly cleared highly technical engineers in DC area and very technical traveling consultants. If you look at everyone I have ever spoken with over the years I’d guess the AA group is slightly less than the population percentage but the women are dramatically less. I have some useless ideas about why that is but no idea whether they are right.I know this is much more of an answer than you expected and probably wanted but I am almost surprised at the question. Do YOU know a place where I can find all the women I am not seeing?  I think ,of the 70 people I placed with Dan at FormerClientCo only 4 were women.So bottom line…It is VERY odd but it has been so odd for me for so long it has become my norm…And thanks for the question. I needed something for my blog this week. I’ll redact the names and use this…. D.  


  SearchPartner http://www.searchpartnerllc.com/ needs someone accustomed to making lots of out-going phone calls to both new contacts and a database with thousands of prior contacts. This job will also involve research and identification of candidates for retained searches. You’ll need to be comfortable talking with MS and PHD level computer scientists to set up meetings,conference calls etc. Some of this (approximately 50%) will involve initial contact with people who do not yet understand why they need to speak with us. Some cases will require 5 or 10 calls and emails before the person is reached. This is not a sales job but it does require persistence and a “thick skin”. Some other duties are listed below. ¨       Able to handle ordinary follow up (candidates calling in when nothing is open for them, doing references)¨       File searches¨       Database searches¨       Sourcing, updates, internet database and general searches for candidates¨       Calling and qualifying candidates¨       Preparing recruiting plans including contact info and name and titles of whom we need to recruit¨       Making the initial contact just to set up a formal time for the recruiter to call  

Wow! We just had a fantastic meeting at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans. The French Quarter seems good as ever but I didn’t have any prior experience of the place before my Fordyce Forum trip in June. Our Pinnacle speakers included Jason Davis from right here at ERE.net to talk about the Fordyce Letter, Don Breckenridge from Sendouts.com with a great presentation on Balanced Scorecard and Author/Blogger/Entrepreneur Penelope Trunk from The Brazen Careerist with an extremely entertaining update on how to handle the shrinking supply of new professionals trickling into the job market. Of course, we also had plenty of time to pick each other’s brains which is reason enough to be there. I even won some money playing poker at Harrah’s. Even though Pinnacle has reached the bylaw’s limit of 75 members we always welcome new applications. Please check us out at www.pinnaclesociety.org. Also, we are available for training events. Check the Pinnacle Panel page on the website.