Make Up Your Minds!

November 20, 2009

In the past couple weeks I have had solicitations from…

An “Executive Search Firm” trying to sell me a┬ámulti-level paid version of Skype/VID/GoogleChat. V/VOIP is FREE!!! I have 3 on my PC.

A ‘recruiter’ selling a service to make audio snippets of resumes. Great timing when trainers are explaining that people don’t respond to voice mails anymore. Sure! Let’s attach them to resumes.

Several ‘recruiters’ selling a service to make video/audio resumes. Maybe someday there’s a place for this but right now, I think finding a good search would be a lot easier. It’s still hard to get the best candidates to stop long enough to talk. Now we want to get them to sit in front of a webcam and perform?

A ‘recruiter’ and some phone book salesmen selling a “new and exclusive” split network. The offering seems to consist of all the old phone books turned into a ‘massive passive candidate database’ and the ‘recruiter’ & phone book salesmen selling for money a big pile of free content generated from another website and presumably training from the ‘recruiter’ starting the new network. A rummage sale of the worst kind.

A ‘recruiter’ selling a service that bombed a few years ago where employers go to have a ‘reverse auction’ on searches and candidates placed on the site by other recruiters who are not quite yet reduced to doing what the various above recruiters are doing. The premise being “I believe in this candidate so much I’ll sell him to the lowest bidder” OR “My company’s need is so important I’ll have the search done by the consultant with the lowest self-esteem I can find.

This makes me all the more excited and encouraged to have met another guy in my own niche who is also buried in work, loves what he does and is committed to doing it better. I know the people I mentioned above. I really hope a couple of them find their way back.

Let’s make a deal!