It’s My Own Fault!

December 11, 2009

Ok…so… I don’t usually post ‘job ads’ because it is just not how we do it. Sometimes a blurb here and there expecting nothing. On the other hand, I am always hearing about branding, name recognition etc etc. So I join likely LinkedIn groups and put the occasional general message out there about who we are and what we do generally and invite people WHO FIT THE  DESCRIPTION to contact us and get to know us a bit.

Sometimes I’ll say I won’t respond to people who contact me if they don’t have a full scope clearance (and if you don’t know what it is you do not have it). Sometimes I’ll ask that readers don’t respond to me unless they have this. Often both.  Invariably, a certain number of people think I meant to add “except you” and just forgot.

I create my own problem here. I can’t really blame them because I might even respond myself. It’s ok. I am just congenitally unable to ignore someone’s message. I guess this keeps me from posting as many of those messages as I should.

What is a bit frustrating though is when I hear people complaining or see blogs decrying the lack of response from recruiters. “Oh, he never called me back.” “Well, she never found me a job”. 

 Those folks need to realize that they usually do not fit as well as they think they do when they respond to an online ad and they are probably in competition with 500 other people posting the same ad and all the people who also know which company it is and are responding on the company’s website directly. They may even be submitting themselves via 10 ‘recruiters’ AND the company website for the same job and then become unhappy when they get only 1 response.

I love what I do and especially when I can call someone who had that kind of experience 5 years ago but is still willing to talk to me because he knows we all have faults but that he can see I am trying to focus on fighting my faults for his benefit and to show the niche I work one person at a time that it can be a good thing.

I even hope that rants like this one might help someone figure it out now and then. That, of course assumes anyone reads them. I should probably change the title to “Letters to Tom”.

Finally, If Barney sees this… You are the exception 🙂  Farhad, you are not.


I’d rather hear what you want than tell you what I need:

If you are a JAVA SW dev professional with a high level security clearance the last thing you need is a list of reqs to read. You can have 6 jobs next week if you just return your voice mails. As the basis for a relationship this must benefit you before us.
I’d like to have a chat about whether our client companies, who retain us just for this purpose, might be of interest.

We want to talk to the person who thinks “I think I have what I need already but it’d be nice to know for sure.” We hope to tell 80% of you …’Yes, you are in the right place already!’

Our candidates become our clients eventually because they know how we treat people.

I know this sounds great. I just like having opportunities to put it to the test. Email hdhuntr at or reply here. Whatever works.