Paul Hawkinson

May 30, 2008

Hey, I just wanted to see that name on the front of the website again 🙂 Just trying to mentally catalog the value I have received from an association that has only involved 3 or 4 minutes of live conversation in a 22 year period is almost like my own self-seminar. I hope the move to ERE Media proves to be one more great Paul Hawkinson idea. It’s certainly starting well, given he had the sense to pick a guy named David as the next publisher.


At the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia the prior week Danny Cahill told the Pinnacle Society attendees about the importance of blogs. I honestly can’t remember what he said about why but it was convincing enough to tip the scale in favor of starting one up. While I am being more open than strictly necessary my biggest reason for writing down my thoughts is the same one I use for giving blood every time I am eligible. I figure I have plenty, I can make more, and the turnover is probably good.   Read the rest of this entry »

“Dave…could you get this person interested in interviewing with us?” It doesn’t get better than having that in an email subject line and having a LinkedIn profile pasted in below.  The guy just met with my client. It made me smile a bit thinking back to a company meeting in the year 2000 when someone openly challenged the wisdom of making every placement I could with this guy. Read the rest of this entry »

I thought I’d start this post with a ‘grabber’ headline for those who know me. As I’ve noted lately LinkedIn is very valuable for a number of things. I think gradually I am finding that my problems are more with the way people use it than LinkedIn itself. It feels like the people with 1000s of contacts are like the boisterous drunks in the bar who make it hard for others to communicate. I finally got around to setting up a few RSS feeds and one was for LinkedIn. It’s really cool when a past candidate or client links up with someone I need to go prescreen or someone I know gets a new job and I get an automatic reminder to follow up. Read the rest of this entry »