Sold! To the Highest Bidder

June 28, 2011

I sent the message below to some folks on LinkedIn and regular email if we had it. We usually don’t do the ‘reactionary’ thing because we don’t have time, but this time it seemed worth a message or two just to make a point. We are offering people the ability to have choices about where they work. Some of the people who regularly discourage you from checking us out do so for a couple reasons.

One is that they know we are good at what we do.

Another is that it might make it more difficult for them to do the exact opposite of what we do. That is to send you an email or call on a  Friday or Monday and let you know that you and all your co-workers have a new employer and you don’t even get to interview.

Would it not be better to know senior management at a couple other companies? You might even end up making a bigger contribution to the mission if you end up with a different part of the customer. Or you could confidently choose to remain with the company you just got sold to if you know it’s a good deal instead of being told it is by the management team you just made wealthy.

It’s probably also good to note here that our clients have different budgets and they spend money in different ways. Some hire us. Some hire internal recruiters. Some drive really nice cars. It all comes from the money the customer pays your company. It’s just divvied up differently by companies that have varying philosophies.

We have no desire to cost the customer needless dollars. And we don’t when the occasional person ends up in a more productive position for money that is not a lot different because we all know money isn’t usually a reason to move. It can be if you are a bit behind the market but unless you talk to us how will you know?

Bottom line…if you all just did better in the acquisition, what does that say about the time you spent waiting for it? And if you didn’t do better why aren’t you getting to know us? What other fantastic planet has a situation where you get an agent/broker that you don’t even have to pay who wants nothing more than to see if he could ever improve you and your families’ lives ?

Usually we try to be a bit more subtle but this time we’re just spitting it out.  We spend a lot of time trying to help people understand that it is ok to have a contingency plan. A contingency plan is a good thing to have when you get sold to another company. Sometimes the new company is better. Sometimes it is not. Either way, it would be good to have a bit of an idea. Many of you don’t get back to us because you think we really mean ‘move right now’. Some of you know better. There’s never a bad time to confidentially get to know a couple other good companies without even having to fill out applications etc. Please send a regular email or phone for further correspondence. Maybe next time you’ll get a choice. For more, see Dave Staats’ blog link on his profile.

For the record, I don’t know many specific people at Pangia or CACI. I am just discussing the nature of the beast here. They are probably all fine people.

Everyone in those two companies was probably bought and sold at least once and some were placed individually by us.

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