Back to the Blog… LinkedIn Contact Settings

June 22, 2011

Since I just found the WordPress App for LinkedIn and it glaringly displayed the ‘xxx Days Ago’ by each post I thought it time to come back to my faithful reader more regularly. Let’s call him Tom.

Tom loves LinkedIn the way cats love mice. I have learned to appreciate a few more of the facets but something I want to make a theme on here is the “Contact Settings -Interested In” feature of the LinkedIn profile. I’d love help from anyone reading this to preach the gospel of Contact Settings Awareness to anyone with a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn claims a value of ,and displays a price of, about $10 for an InMail. I don’t know if anyone pays THAT, but they do cost money. I ask people about hit rates all the time and they are not very high. LinkedIn gives me all these stars for my InMails because mine are rarely rejected. I think they are rarely rejected because they are rarely read.

Maybe I should not expect more than a 10% or 20% return rate but even a person still gob-smacked by the lovelieness of Jamaicans with an inability to get really mad about stuff anymore can still get pretty annoyed by people who invite contact about what we do and then do not even bother to say ‘buzz off’ or ‘leave me alone’ after 6 or 8 InMail attempts.

I am not talking about some of my friends in the intel community who have 3 contacts because they log on to LinkedIn once a year. I am talking about the ones who have 100 to 500 contacts and obviously spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. It is just kind of rude when you said ‘Contact me about Career Opportunities’ to ignore these messages.

I am on the federal do not call list for phone calls. I have a right to get pissed when the burial plot people call me…and anyway I want to be in a baggie until someone scatters my ashes…well wherever they want since I won’t be there.  Just don’t get them in someone’s eyes.

I have the utmost respect for people with LinkedIn profiles saying “Is not open to yadayada” I also respect people who turn off the porch light on Halloween. Heck, after Thank You and Hello the first word they taught me when I got my first daughter in China was Bu Yao meaning “I don’t want it.”

In the overall scheme of life, this is a pretty small thing but it also doesn’t take much time to correct. Please tell everyone you know, when LinkedIn comes up, to review their contact settings. We are happy to go to the next porch where the light is on and the door is open or the candy is sitting on the front step.

Have fun! I know I am.


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