Well now, THIS ought to confuse the commenter who refers to himself as “Tallis.”

Two weeks ago, I played around a bit and was not quite clear. This is not a joke. I’d like someone to give us some kind of tutorial on how Twitter can be used in the search business.

We don’t need single anecdotes like, “This guy tweeted my job posting and this candidate called me.” I did hear that, and it is not even an example of something WE could do.

I’ll challenge Harry Joiner here to back up his comment from last week. I have talked with Harry. He’s a good, smart guy who knows what he is doing and doesn’t seem like a time-waster, but his comment last week was just totally empty.

And another guy meeting a split partner there? Ok, fine. No explanation of how it was different than meeting someone on this network or a bar or a grocery store. And that guy said he hates it as much as he loves it.

I didn’t single out that guy because I also want to say the part of his comment questioning the value of being HERE on TFL is just totally wrong. That does not even need to be debated.

So think of the old song “War” when you sing “Twitter, HUH, Wha-at is it good for? Absolutely Nuthin’ , Say it Again…”

I would love to print and eat this post on a video as soon as two known trainers add how to use Twitter to their repertoire.

Note added Sat. 25th. I am deleting comments from ‘fake’ people when I see them. That could make some comments from real people seem strange at times.  And, yes the times are a’changin’.  Now people can do and say things without consequences sometimes. Makes them very ‘brave’.

I plan to respond to the comments here in the next blog entry…or whatever the brave/fake critics would have me properly call it.


DAVE: is waiting for someone like Neil McNulty to tell him how Twitter will add ANY value we (recruiters who follow the Fordyce model) do not already have…

DAVE: does not want to hear this from people who use job boards…

DAVE: would love a serious answer since he already has some time invested trying to find a use for Twitter himself…

DAVE: drank too much tea…he is now going to have to… HEY! Now I get it!