We at SearchPartner try to operate as openly as possible at all times. We act as though everything we say could be played back someday. Might not be likely but it most certainly is possible.

We expect to be, and invite you to, shut us down if we ask a question you can’t answer based on the clearance aspect. By the same token we hope you respect and appreciate when we sometimes have to tell you “I can’t tell you exactly who said you were someone we should call.” We can’t speak for everyone but when we say that it is a true statement.

If I called you only because I saw something online that interested me or because you were a co-author on an interesting paper or because you answered someone else’s phone…I’ll tell you.

I have a whole career based on telling as much as I can and keeping secrets when warranted.

Ronald Reagan is famous for saying “Trust, but verify”.

Trust us. Verify us.

By all means…verify us before you trust us. It should not be hard to do with our firm.


A Note For Fordyce Fans

July 17, 2009

I recently moved my blog to a separate account and I want to address the reasons. The main one is that I completely support the desire,right and need for ere.net to edit their publication. My TFL column may or may not have regular changes. If it does Elaine is so subtle or good at it that I don’t notice them.

On the other hand my blog is my blog and if I want to call a public figure a name I am willing to support I should be able to do that. In those cases, if I have a separate account ere.net gets to edit by taking it or not taking it and I preserve my right to be irascible.

I hope this does nothing other than improve an already much-appreciated relationship.

I may also be including some future posts that are of more interest to the community of highly cleared technical people in the Washington DC Metro area which will make little sense for other ere.net readers.


I seem to be wasting a lot of time answering questions about how business is. I don’t want to be a full-time trainer but ,By God, if I did there’d be a lot less pulse-taking going on. I am the first to admit that a lot of people bill more than I do. Though, I also think there are not a lot who get more out of their activity than I do. I don’t think I was ‘blessed’ with some kind of untouchable niche. I developed it bit by bit because it had good long-term signals.
I remember the last down-turn in 2001/2002 and even back then all of the ‘How are YOU doing?’ It is better this week? Is it worse this week? I wish everyone would just go back to work and put their energy into improving some aspect of their skillset or practice. Stop checking the economy. Stop taking your pulse. In April one of the top two producers at the Pinnacle Society meeting was placing STOCKBROKERS!!! Right now is is skiing someplace where they have snow in July.