Bill Vick has a video with Shally kinda’ buried in his group. It might be other places but that’s where I saw it. This ought to be available to everyone.  I heard about the guy for a few years and finally saw a presentation when we both did The Fordyce Forum last year. I asked a question and he tossed off a response that I may have judged too harshly. When I recently saw a  presentation one of his guys, Glenn Guttmacher, did at a Pinnacle Society meeting I decided I’d better take another look. What I saw was a vision many people need to see Read the rest of this entry »


Comments Shmomments

April 21, 2008

This is a fun topic. I started to address some comments on Network Shmetwork as another comment but decided to make it a post. I really believe it is worthwhile to pick at this a bit so people understand this is NOT a complaint about LinkedIn as a data source.

Dear Interested Third, Tom and Dennis:
Let me be clear…for myself, and I believe Jeff as well… LinkedIn is an incredibly rich data source. It is all the linking that is a sad waste of time. The same placements are in it regardless of whether one has professed love to a stranger or not. Bragging about numbers of contacts on LinkedIn makes people sound like the pitiful Penelope (Kristen Wiig) on Saturday Night Live who always knows one more person,makes one more dollar and is just slightly better while clearly being clueless. I’ll bet the way Interested Third Party embraces change includes a case of duct tape,a laser disc player, an Electrodex and a digital cassette player in the basement.
     And “You Know Me” I believe I do…Poor Steve Finkel has been ‘off’ on the internet for quite some time. Bless his heart, the theory behind Breakthrough is the best I have ever seen for setting up a ‘desk’ and then to deny it by saying the equivalent of “This must be a LOG cabin and using anything more than a handsaw,axes and chisels will not be tolerated.” is hilarious. As Jeff just said, All these tools need to be looked at and the good in them needs to be found. Some new tools are a complete waste (Spoke,Spock) but the way we get them (Internet) is not.
     The bottom line on LinkedIn, I think I finally have a way to describe it, is that a free dictionary is a great thing to have…a wonderful, valuable resource…but there is limited value in reading all of it,sections of it or anything but the word you need right now. And Steve Finkel saying that 10 seconds to type “Define: Luddite” vs several minutes to look it up in the 8 pound paper book is a bad thing still makes me wonder how he could say that every time I see or hear it. Maybe he’ll send me a telegram saying he’s over that now.  I must stop writing now. I need to go find a list of people who claim they have read all the Wikipedia so I can leverage their incredible knowledge.

Network Shmetwork

April 18, 2008

I did my good deed and put a very mild-mannered comment on Jeff’s industry vs profession column yesterday. Now I am getting the curmudgeon stick back out on an issue that I think Jeff will probably agree with, though I admit he’d do it in a kinder,gentler way. I just saw a message similar to this one in a forum I belong to…”I am so proud to announce that since the LinkedIn seminar, thanks to The Presenter, I have connections  that link ME to 7,769,300+ professionals! Gonna work that network! “ I was in that seminar where I spent an hour or so learning to connect with certain LinkedIn “libertines” See Thesaurus…adultress, advoutress, courtesan, prostitute, strumpet, harlot, whore, punk, fille de joie; woman, woman of the town; streetwalker, Cyprian, miss, piece; frail sisterhood; demirep, wench, trollop, trull, baggage, hussy, drab, bitch, jade, skit, rig, quean, mopsy, slut, minx, harridan;  Read the rest of this entry »

I decided to put something here every Friday before I cancel the reminder or to even do it late… but before I cancel the reminder. Some will be short because the day after a Pinnacle meeting and the day before TAX DAY are always a bit hectic. That said, I laughed out loud when I saw the title of Jeff’s first posting. I’ll leave it to Jeff to tell you why he knows I’d laugh at that…but I did want to take a minute to say that he’s one of VERY few guys whose new ‘stuff’ I want to check out as soon as I hear there’s something new. Read the rest of this entry »

LA Here we come!

April 9, 2008

Looks like there is a lot going on. Jason’s been too busy to post here and I am leaving for the airport for our Pinnacle Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey. The prospect of my 13th meeting in a row is just as exciting as the first one was at this same hotel in April of 2002.  Headcheck,training, reunion, party all in one. It just doesn’t get any better. We’ll probably not get kicked out of Spago this time…since we’re going elsewhere. I am too excited to even think of a point for this entry other than to thank The Fordyce Letter without which I’d be going…well…probably not to Marina del Rey.

Some may wonder why I care about this. I have no idea how long the MRI franchisee below has been in this business but I have 22 years and the guy who started MRI could be my grandfather and the guy who runs The Fordyce Letter was making placements when they were paid for with beads. In that crowd you don’t go messing with someone’s reputation unless you are using facts. So Bernie , how ‘bout some facts? 

Here’s the deal with that email sent to the members of US Recruiters network and subsequently God-knows-who. This is exactly what I know for those who have been asking me. The only thing I did was to make the names of the ‘accused’ unsearchable since this stuff will be in cyberspace pretty much forever. I don’t know how many members US Recruiters has. There are about 20 or 30 listed under the letter ”A” in their membership directory. I received this from one of their members who sent it to the TRA Board of Directors. Thinking it immediately, literally, “unbelievable” I asked other MRI members who hooked me up directly with the franchise in the message. His explanation is below. I should note here that even though it appears that this MRI franchise was involved in nothing nefarious at all that MRI has nothing to do with this. In fact, MRI leadership should be praised for getting this run down within an hour of questioning it. I don’t blame the franchisee for wishing this would just go away but in the same spirit of “warning” I think Bernie Watring should now respond to the rest of the world with some kind of follow-up to the response from what appears to be an innocent accident. Read the rest of this entry »