Fantastic Fordyce Forum

June 18, 2007

Wow! My last entry was right before the Forum got going. My expectations were high for this thing but I could have set them higher and still been wowed.I have read Tony Beshara stories for many years and wondered how a guy could be that organized/dedicated/regimented/committed etc. Listening to him made it obvious. I am glad he is in our profession instead of coaching basketball. If he coached basketball, life would be boring because he’d always win. Jeff Kaye laid out a process that would incerase anyone’s business …if followed….but I don’t think we need to worry about too many people actually doing it. I hope that does not sound TOO cynical. I just know that I implement as much as most people do after training conferences and if I did everything I learned at all the conferences I have been to I’d be writing this from my Gulfstream on the way to Cannes. I dare say that our Pinnacle Panel was rather popular….even though I did (completely inadvertantly) “poke” an audience member for something he didn’t say. All in all, this was a great first effort. Phone’s a waitin’…


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