How Many Times is Enough?

July 29, 2010

Something made me think of this today. A couple years ago a potential candidate asked me something like “Can’t you take a hint?” after a dozen or so attempts to reach him. “When do you stop trying?” he said. My answer was “When this happens.”

I said sometimes it takes a dozen and sometimes it takes 3 dozen and sometimes I actually do move on and try someone else. Generally though, when I do reach someone after multiple attempts (note I didn’t say ‘calls’ anymore 🙂 ) it’s about a 50/50 split between reactions like above and people who are glad we kept trying. Maybe even better than 50/50.

So I have no idea how many times is enough. How could I? I know the circumstances under which I answer my own phone and door and email. Sometimes it depends on the mood or the need for whatever I think they might be offering. Sometimes I don’t answer because I can’t get to it. I have to operate as though I know they want to talk about whatever it is I am calling about but it has to be the right time,place and mode (call,email,txt,meeting,whatever).

It’d be much easier if there were some way to let people know I’ll keep at it. Then the ones who yell ‘Can’t you take a hint?’ might politely say ‘No’ at the beginning and save themselves some time.

Gotta’ go, phone’s ringin’ and I think it is someone I might be in the mood to speak with…

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