Fun with LinkedIn Groups

July 23, 2010

Not many people will ‘get’ this but time is too tight to explain a lot more. The guy who responded to my post sent me an unsolicited resume years ago. I did what I could then which wasn’t much. But when I needed a simple bit of advice years later I got nothing for 6 or 8 emails and calls until I posted in public that the reqs are ‘fake’. One of the people posting the reqs actually told me they were fake. The rest don’t understand what fake means…No hard feelings. Just frustrating. Here’s my posting and what ensued.

NASIC ATEP Candidate

If I read right this is the perfect place to ask if any recruiters have an “in” to a client on this contract. Everything I find says all the reqs we see are fake and there’s no real money applied to them. I know a guy who’d be perfect and would love to be in Dayton. He wants it so much he’ll probably even see this. We have worked for close to a year and had no luck. This guy is worth 2 or 3 fees. PHD,Algorithm Dev. MASINT CIPoly.

Dave,There are 3 ATEP primes Ball, NG and GD, all have the same job ads out they are not fake, its just everyone of the primes and the subs post the same positions because they are all competing.

Wow, there you are… Maybe I sent those other messages to a dead email address? I guess ‘fake’ is a strong term but I got it straight from some of the people posting these things that they are just collecting resumes and the positions are not funded. People can’t get hired. So, independent of my role as a headhunter that qualifies as fake just like when Circuit City advertises a TV $100 cheaper than anywhere else but has none in stock. Maybe that’s why Circuit City is gone… In any event I hope you are doing well.

Do YOU know anyone who can actually staff that? I am so frustrated on my candidate’s behalf I am ready to ‘give him away’. Thanks,Dave..

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