The Best Jokes Are True

February 3, 2010

Ok…it’s funny, I am used to it. Absolutely does not bother me anymore but this happens so often. A guy walks into a bar… wait…wrong joke.

A guy calls a headhunter and says “Can you do for me what you did for my cubemate? Headhunter says, you mean get you 8 interviews,8 offers and a new job with a raise next week? Guy says yes,exactly. Headhunter gets him 5 interviews in one week. Guy says ‘don’t push me’ as he cancels all 5 interviews because he told his boss he was interviewing. Says to headhunter… I have no hard feelings because you pushed me (by doing what he asked for). In fact, I really appreciate it because I got a bonus and a raise for cancelling my interviews.

Headhunter says “Congratulations! Who can you introduce me to that I can also do this for? Guy says…Oh… I couldn’t do THAT to my FRIENDS…

One Response to “The Best Jokes Are True”

  1. Tom Keoughan Says:

    So Dave, we’re going to give you the 11 o’clock time slot… least for now.

    Tom Keoughan

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