Sometimes It’s Just Fun

October 16, 2009

I made it ‘top down so it’d be easier… It’s ok if headhunters want to skip straight to the punchline. Oh and for what it’s worth he was posted for 1 week before he realized it’s not what guys like him should do.

Dave Says:
I found out recently that a friend from the late 80’s that I lost track of ,Dr. Supra Computra, is now a DARPA PM. We have been meaning to catch up at some point anyhow…but since it is purely social ‘how ya been’ kind of thing I keep putting it off and she’s probably too busy to remember.
If you knew her background (AI MIT etc.) you’d know why I think it’d be a good idea for all three of us to have me see if she has any ideas for places for me to introduce you. I don’t imagine you’d have a problem with that but I always like to check.

Joe Says:
Interesting! I’d always be happy to meet a DARPA PM. I’d be especially interested in meeting that particular DARPA PM given the programs she has oversight of. You’re quite right – it’s just the sort of stuff I’m interested in.

However, there’s one area of sensitivity – her area of responsibility might even be *too* close to my current work! My boss attended an industry day for one of her current programs (REDACTED) just yesterday, and I expect we’ll be responding. I’m not sure how to handle that since the proposal is out, with all the restrictions that usually entails. But I expect a purely social meeting might be OK…?

Dave Says:
Exactly why I wanted to ask first. To be clear…this would just be ME asking ABOUT you. Saying to the PM “What would you do with this guy if you were me?” So the ‘risk’ if you even want to call it that, would just be that your boss or whoever could find out that some headhunter was asking about you. I doubt that would happen and it probably would tend more to make you shine than to tarnish you
Also, 99% of the time DARPA people, even friends, say they can’t make those kinds of referrals.
Just to be careful I’ll start by doing it ‘blind’. Background but no name or contact. And finally, this is a total nothing compared to his possibly seeing info on a job board…

Joe Says:
No problem. Didn’t think it would be an issue, just wanted to throw it out there. My concern was actually for her, given the various convoluted rules that exist concerning contact between gov and contractors when a proposal is active.
You’re right about my risk of being on Monster – that was a calculated risk. I figured that since our HR department has never successfully forwarded me a useful resume for us to hire, what’s the chances they’ll find mine?

Dave Says:

That’s classic! I am going to use it in my blog. No names ,of course…

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