One Of Those Classic Candidate Exchanges

October 1, 2009

Every once in a while I just have to say what I believe is real. Now and then someone even ‘gets’ it. This is real except for the name.

Dave,I appreciate that making contacts is a big part of your job, so I understand why you are pursuing this, but the only reason I would consider using a headhunter is if I found myself out of a job and my own network of friends and colleagues failed to find me a suitable opportunity. I’ll keep your contact information in case I find myself in that situation.Thanks,Jim

Thanks Jim, I appreciate that it might seem presumptuous or arrogant or some other bad kind of thing to point this out…but I’ll say it anyhow because I think that regardless of whether we interact in the future this might somehow help you…it’s also information I think would help everyone have more accurate expectations when dealing with headhunters.

First, the only way someone can ‘use’ a headhunter is to pay him to find someone to hire. Candidates can communicate with us but they can’t ‘use’ us to find new positions. I realize even some other recruiters might make you think otherwise but this is just a fact.

If you were to get to know me I’d be part of that network. I’d be the only part of that network that is focused on telling you about situations that had elements better than what you now have. The least likely time for me to place someone is when you are jobless. My clients pay me to introduce them to talented people who are merely willing to evaluate them. We pass along unemployed people for free.
If you become a hiring manager please give me a call then. I’ll be the headhunter sending you good top talent instead of the one sending people the whole world is interviewing.

I am guessing I might have just earned myself out of being part of your network of friends and colleagues but I’d recommend you find someone else for the role of ‘the headhunter I know’ for the same reason it’s good to know a mechanic, a PC tech, a surgeon and a guy with a nice big boat.

No hard feelings here. Sorry if I have created any for you. Sincerely, Dave.


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