Why Would Anyone Ever Recruit a Placed Candidate?

September 3, 2009

I saw this question in another forum. There was a longer explanation with the answer but I didn’t include it because it doesn’t have a lot to do with my position.

“Q: Can I re-recruit a placed candidate?  Yes. There is absolutely no statute or case anywhere prohibiting this.”

My position, since I have had one maybe a few days into the business, has been that I will not ever recruit someone or even place someone out of the company that paid me/us for him or her for money…ever, under any circumstances.

This applies to our company too now but it has always been my personal policy regardless of where I worked. That is just something I don’t want clients to ever have to worry about and something I want to be able to say. I have gotten the “It’s ok you can help me, I am initiating this.” calls and I simply explain that I can’t and won’t. If the person is in that bad of a place I might give him some free advice but this is just something I think the world is better off with us not doing for more reasons than I care to count. “Getting caught” is not one of the concerns.

Maybe it is like this…if I can’t figure out how to write about it in a blog entry then I won’t do it. I don’t have time to try to write a blog about why I sold a product and then reclaimed it and sold it again.

I was told a story about this when I first met someone much more known in this industry at the time and my relationship with him has been stained by that story ever since. I’ll never forget the words “They had her for 8 years, that’s long enough.” That just made me feel kind of sick.

This whole idea feels kind of like discussing best use cases for incest. Maybe if there’s a nuclear holocaust and only 2 related people left…

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