Dear LinkedIn

August 24, 2009

Why do you send us a page offering ‘terms of service’ that state we will not look up someone’s contact information and then shut off user accounts when someone accuses us of doing that when we didn’t….yet also…sell ads on that very same page to  email lookup services?

For the record, we support your right to make rules saying we have to wear pink socks to view our accounts but it seems a tad wrong to accept those ads not just for the obvious reason of hypocrisy but also because it makes those who may not be as familiar as they should with the TOS (ever bought software?) believe this is an ‘ok’ thing to do. And since you just throw people in LinkedIn jail on a single uninvestigated accusation and then whisper through the bars ‘Did you do anything?’ it feels like this small thing should be taken as a serious question. I’ll let someone else ask it though.

Since my blog’s been on vacation I have to get busy and find some bigger things to complain about.

P.S. For those who care, I have a saved page with these items.

One Response to “Dear LinkedIn”

  1. Tom Keoughan Says:

    Hey Dave,

    I think it’s just you and me here. Unless that Tallis guy is lurking about. Maybe we should just phone (what’s that?) each other.

    Tom Keoughan

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