August 10, 2009

It has long been my personal policy that our company will donate to most seemingly worthy charities when asked to by people we know. The ‘people we know’ part is why I don’t worry too much about posting this. I also sometimes will do so just to get someone to talk with us. For example, a guy has too much going on with a bike ride for breast cancer thing to pay attention to us right now. We send a donation and then agree to talk later. That one didn’t even ask.

Recently and just off the top of my head we have sent money for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research,Children’s Shrine Hospitals, Fraternal Order of Police,Women of the Well, American Cancer Society and the Both Hands Foundation for widows and orphans. I am not sure I spelled all these correctly and there have been others.

SO, what’s my beef? For the past several years I have sent money to the “Habitat for Humanities” event called “Habitees”. I am giving this one a break this year. Apart from the fact that I got no less than 4 requests for this it made me pay a bit more attention. I got these requests from people I usually hear from only when they are asking for money.

In the current climate, when some of us are using bridge loans to get us through the lulls in business, it just feels ok to put off this one in favor of the next charity these requests for us to pay greens fees so people can play golf for these purposes.

There just seems to be a long string of rationalizations to get there. I’ll help build the houses (and I have). I’ll buy nails and paint and stuff (and I have). But greens fees? Seems like a stretch.

It is not quite as bad as the time someone stole $5500.00 from me and then claimed to give it to Habitat for Humanities and then refused to show a receipt.

I guess if future requests don’t feel ‘direct’ enough I’ll find one that is and donate to that in the name of the person sending the diluted request…

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