You Have Secrets. We Have Secrets.

July 17, 2009

We at SearchPartner try to operate as openly as possible at all times. We act as though everything we say could be played back someday. Might not be likely but it most certainly is possible.

We expect to be, and invite you to, shut us down if we ask a question you can’t answer based on the clearance aspect. By the same token we hope you respect and appreciate when we sometimes have to tell you “I can’t tell you exactly who said you were someone we should call.” We can’t speak for everyone but when we say that it is a true statement.

If I called you only because I saw something online that interested me or because you were a co-author on an interesting paper or because you answered someone else’s phone…I’ll tell you.

I have a whole career based on telling as much as I can and keeping secrets when warranted.

Ronald Reagan is famous for saying “Trust, but verify”.

Trust us. Verify us.

By all means…verify us before you trust us. It should not be hard to do with our firm.

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