Are We a Bunch of Hypochondriacs?

July 17, 2009

I seem to be wasting a lot of time answering questions about how business is. I don’t want to be a full-time trainer but ,By God, if I did there’d be a lot less pulse-taking going on. I am the first to admit that a lot of people bill more than I do. Though, I also think there are not a lot who get more out of their activity than I do. I don’t think I was ‘blessed’ with some kind of untouchable niche. I developed it bit by bit because it had good long-term signals.
I remember the last down-turn in 2001/2002 and even back then all of the ‘How are YOU doing?’ It is better this week? Is it worse this week? I wish everyone would just go back to work and put their energy into improving some aspect of their skillset or practice. Stop checking the economy. Stop taking your pulse. In April one of the top two producers at the Pinnacle Society meeting was placing STOCKBROKERS!!! Right now is is skiing someplace where they have snow in July.

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