A Note For Fordyce Fans

July 17, 2009

I recently moved my blog to a separate account and I want to address the reasons. The main one is that I completely support the desire,right and need for ere.net to edit their publication. My TFL column may or may not have regular changes. If it does Elaine is so subtle or good at it that I don’t notice them.

On the other hand my blog is my blog and if I want to call a public figure a name I am willing to support I should be able to do that. In those cases, if I have a separate account ere.net gets to edit by taking it or not taking it and I preserve my right to be irascible.

I hope this does nothing other than improve an already much-appreciated relationship.

I may also be including some future posts that are of more interest to the community of highly cleared technical people in the Washington DC Metro area which will make little sense for other ere.net readers.



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