Rockin’ Robin Will Tweet Tweet No More

June 26, 2009

It’s interesting to me how some things are tied together…or maybe professionals would find interesting how I tie them together. Either way, I wish I could claim this utterance from someone yesterday. He won’t even let me attribute it to him but it is just too beautiful to claim it as my own. The guy I was talking with said “Yeah, Twitter is just like CB radio.”

What a moment THAT was for me. I was 52 yesterday and just old enough to really appreciate that statement. CB radio was a fad. Lots of people who had no need or purpose were adopting ‘handles’ and “Hey,good buddying” each other for a few years there in the mid-70s. CB radio today remains a good tool for some very narrow purposes and is of limited use.  I think that’s where Twitter will end up too. No disrespect to my buddy Harry Joiner who may just be the CW McCall of his age.

Why the song reference?  On the same day my ‘good buddy’ made his CB reference it was announced that the King of Pop and Hero of NAMBLA was gone. Just as Twitter indeed does feel like a recycled CB Radio fad, Rockin’ Robin was a recycled hit from right around the same time as the CB craze. There is one big difference though… I believe Twitter will go much more quietly.

4 Responses to “Rockin’ Robin Will Tweet Tweet No More”

  1. Dave:

    I have to agree with you – I just cannot see the value in Twitter. Maybe I lack vision, intellect – you name it but I just don’t see it to be candid. No where near the value that “Linkedin” has created. If there is someone out there that can lucidly articulate the Value of twitter – please respond and enlighten us..

  2. Tweeeeeter Says:

    Imagine Danny Cahill tweeting that he has a director of software development open. No .csv files, no spam folders, just his audience staying tuned to his next hot opening.


  3. All good points, but it is too soon to tell.

  4. Tallis Says:

    Well, just for th record, it’s officially part of the big three. Every time Karl Marx, er, Barack Obama has a press conference, it’s no longer “MTV” they take questions from (and are being covered on), they go to facebook, myspace, and twitter. So, CB radio is covering the President.

    Do I use it? No. I just billed a record month last month, and I just use a phone, email, and an old-school crm.

    To support the article and opinion here by Dave, what have we all been learning about marketing and differentiation? Whatever everyone else is doing, do something different. What about whene everyone is twittering? Who will pay attention? Who has time to pay attention? What is more differentiating than your own unique personality? Nothing. If it wasn’t for you, personally, and your own way of talking, thinking, helping, and selling, you would just have ten fingers, two feet, and be just like all the other humans out there. The phone, your voice, and in person, and in writing– that’s it. People have already been turned off to sound bytes on the news 10 years ago. We need more sound bytes from twitter?

    Sure, use it. It’s like a thank you letter after a 1st level interview- it’s not what you say, it’s if you forget to send one that’s visible. Use it, be in there, but then, law of diminishing returns says you’ll be back on the phone sooner than you think…

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