More Clarification Than Rant

February 27, 2009

I know not everyone may read this on Friday but I like to have a bit of fun on Fridays because I love them almost as much as Mondays. I have enjoyed working with David,Todd and Elaine so far and I don’t expect that to change.  Since took over The Fordyce Letter I don’t think anyone has changed a single word of any post or article I have written. So readers and editors need to accept this with the lightness intended…which is not to say I don’t mean it.

The article about recruiters associated with the ‘sister site’ struck me as funny in a couple ways. First, I am sure my friend Tom, who is certain to comment on this, will redefine the overall relationship from sister to something more sinister. It took me a good chunk of my 23 years in the business to arrive at a point where I can admit that I know a few …call them ‘non third party recruiters’… I admire. It also took a while to develop a preference for working with hiring managers and the staffing function together as opposed to “HMs Only!!”. I still can’t keep up with everything about our own industry that I’d like. I’d love to know if some machine has kept visit statistics for my ‘sister site’. I cannot honestly say whether we have laid eyes on each other. There may have been a few times in the past when regular visitors to each site have had relationships that would be inappropriate for brother and sister.

Finally, to state my comment on Elaine’s post about Todd’s list of unemployed recruiters on my sister’s site a bit differently…

Just what the heck IS an unemployed recruiter?

Former, sure but unemployed is impossible here.

3 Responses to “More Clarification Than Rant”

  1. Elaine Rigoli Says:

    Good post, Dave, and filled with your eternal optimism! But I still maintain that we’re in the toughest economy in decades. Weak recruiters not involved in the rare market (i.e., healthcare) NOT affected by a struggling economy *will* disappear from the industry. Not everyone will accept defeat, but I think the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” means some recruiters might be more keen to vacillate between corporate/third-party.(Some may not out of pride, some may not out of sheer talent. I think you fall in the latter, of course!) Anyhow, that list seemed like a neat way to have both sides come together to trade opportunities. Happy Friday!

  2. Dave Staats Says:

    No disagreement at all here… I only mean that Fordyce recruiters cannot BE unemployed. Non-TPRs by any preferred term just are not the same thing. Absolutely we will lose souls on both sides…which is why I was careful to say there can be LOTS of FORMER recruiters of both kinds but only those who do not make placements like us can be unemployed…all in the philosophical sense of course.

    And kudos to Todd for the effort. I hope some good comes of it. I’d LOVE to see some from that list come over to the side of the good and true and be productive employed headhunters!

  3. Keoughan_Tom Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I had some oral surgery this morning (that’s one way to shut him up!) and as such, my neurons are not firing exactly as I’d like them to. I would like to defer comment until some later date. It seems that although my current level of diplomacy might be somewhat questionable; my self preservation instinct remains intact.
    Tom Keoughan

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