A Shameless Plug

January 9, 2009

Well, since I am all happy and have nothing in the recruiting world to complain about today, I’ll take a moment to abuse my privilege of having access to at least a few eyeballs now and then. I’d like to invite anyone within, say, a 3-hour drive or a short flight like Chicago to come to the Annual Conference of www.tennesseerecruitersassociation.com on January 23rd. Details are on the site with a link for registration.

Sure, this is an ad. Yes,we’d love to sell a few more seats but that’s not why I put this here. It is here because the two  Charles Wadlow seminars I attended back around the turn of the century gave me a few philosophies and techniques that changed how I do business. There are a few trainers (VERY FEW) who combine entertainment and content well enough to make me go see them whenever I can. We can’t have them EVERY year so I sought out Charles and convinced him to stop making placements for one day so he could share his methods with our membership.

Charles has not been on the road, because unless you are one of the ‘very few’ I mentioned, there’s a lot more money in headhunting than there is in training.

Finally,  and somewhat sadly, we have some extra seats because I am hearing some instances of the old paradox… “We can’t afford to train ourselves to be good enough to survive.”

P.S. Attendees will get 10% off a Fordyce Letter subscription!

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