December 19, 2008

Disingenuous refers to someone who gives a false impression of sincerity or simplicity. Also lacking candor, or giving a false appearance of frankness.

This Friday’s rant is more of a seasonal one. I had to think a bit to relate it specifically to recruiting. Now that I think about it, everyone is guilty of this crime, when perpetrated on me, has been in or close to, our industry. I mean, my clients have not done this.

Before I make my big complaint, I’ll say that I think the recruiting equivalent is having that probable, single, solitary conversation with someone who has presented him/herself as a candidate and ending it with something like, “I’ll call you as soon as I see a good position” instead of “We’ll probably never talk again. I wish it were otherwise, but I’d rather we both be pleasantly surprised than leave you anticipating something that won’t happen.”

Ok, finally, I get to the point. What defines the idea of disingenuous for me is the idea of spreading your Holiday Cheer as thin as the gold leaf in Goldwasser by telling me you are giving a gift IN MY NAME to INSERT WORTHY CAUSE. Please, by all means, give to the cause. I respond to anyone I know who asks for a donation for something but I don’t turn around and say I  did it for someone else. (Don’t start! I said anyone I know).  Many people probably do this without even thinking about it but it is just pure BS! Maybe an exception would be an actual park bench with an engraved plaque or possibly donating a couple million so they’ll name the mess hall at Cahill College after me.

I think my point is made. I need to go back to the phones and close a deal in your honor.

Happy Holidays…really! All of ’em.


3 Responses to “Disingenuous”

  1. Tom Keoughan Says:

    Hey Grinchy Grouchy Dave,

    The concept goes like this: by donating in someone else’s name they will, over the next year, receive all of the updates on the particular organization’s good works and hopefully develop an affinity for them. That way, during the next year’s “giving season” you will respond favorably to their donation request.

    So, rather than just me giving money to “the old recruiter’s retirement home”, I am giving and I am hopefully inducing a percentage of the people that I donated in their name to give too. I don’t know what the success rate is, but think of it as slow viral.

    Because you are typically so jolly at this time of year, I’m going to donate $100 in your name to Heifer International http://www.heifer.org Take that! Enjoy! Pass it On!!!

    All the Best,
    Tom Keoughan

  2. James Edward Says:

    Great work, Tom!
    I’d like to add that the folks that constantly talk about closing deals are the same folks who constantly talked about getting laid all through college. Talked being the key word.

  3. Dave Staats Says:

    Yay! A fight! James Edward, if that is your real name, you first need to know that while Tom and I have our differences they are mostly academic and ‘for show’. He always provides great numbers of angels to discuss RE pinheads and sometimes he buys the scotch. Sometimes he even provides the pinheads.

    As for your attempt at a dig you need to know you completely missed the point of my comment about closing a deal. Even if it WAS the only deal of the year. It was about for whom I was allegedly doing it. Whether I got laid once or a lot in college is not the point. Though, that’s about the only reason I am glad it took me 17 years to graduate.
    I’ll stop with that. It’s much more fun to argue with Tom. Sometimes he wins. Picking more on you would be like…well…it would not be fair to you. And if I do, it’ll be after I see whether this is a real name…

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