Please Stop Calling My People!

December 12, 2008

I love getting these now and then. HR Director from a company we’ve had no relationship with in the past called about 2 of our people leaving too many messages for their people. I got a 13-minute lesson on “After you try a certain number of times and get no response you should know they are not interested.”


I have 22 years of proof against that notion. We always try until we decide not to. Later attempts include “Call my voicemail after hours and tell me you just don’t want to talk and we’ll stop.” I just can’t count the number of times we made a valuable contact after 7 or 10 attempts. Anyhow, our market is small, but big enough when this happens we put a block on them for a year or so unless we get specific referrals. No reason to antagonize people who might move to a client company when it is not necessary. It WAS fun though when I said ‘besides Brendan…that I know about…who else do you want us to quit calling? Who’s complaining?’ She then rattled off 6 names. 3 of them were brand new entries to our database! Thanks, Michelle!

P.S. To Neil…Great article on selling in the moment. I count myself fortunate that my early trainers taught me well enough about niche-building that my current worries do not include the economic climate. The article is just really good for ANY times.


2 Responses to “Please Stop Calling My People!”

  1. Sued Recruiter Says:


    I find your topic very interesting b/c I have myself have encountered this a few times.

    After the phones of not calling, emailing their people I stopped for a period of time.

    After that I began calling, emailing etc to these candidates again and then the preceeded with a threat to sue me.

    They said that the client I was calling found the calls and emails unwelcome and unwanted to their employees. They sited to Law Codes I was violating and said if I didnt comply with stopping these modes of communication all together they would be pursuing a lawsuit against me.

    2 questions:
    1. What can they possibly do to me?
    2. Have you ever encountered this?

  2. Dave Staats Says:

    I’ll just respond here because I don’t know anything beyond my own experience. This has not happened too much and we also stop for a while and mix up the sources pretty well to begin with. I might use this for the next Pinnacle Perspectives question.
    My guess is that there probably are some aspects of what we do they could make a stink about. I have just never seen anything beyond the threat stage. I imagine their action would be limited to calling and emailing in the workplace though.

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