If Recession Is Coming, I Hope It Keeps Coming Like This

August 29, 2008

At this moment we have more ‘active deals’ on our board than I can remember. And that’s on a per capita basis. I have deleted the last 3 or 4 weekly blog posting reminders just because there’s so much going on. I have often said that I’ve never seen a better,simpler blueprint for starting a desk from scratch than Steve Finkel’s Breakthrough. I point that out because what I’ll say next is NOT a criticism of Steve or anything he or others have said about the economic conditions here,coming, or past. I believe the simple fact is that recessions hurt lots of recruiters because they don’t follow Steve,Danny’s or Pete’s plan to begin with and most of the time actually doing one of those is all that’s needed.  I guess Steve would get bored if he simply said to anyone who was asking how to get through the recession… “Can you show me your 300 companies and what you have done with them?” I am not complaining here… It just feels like sometimes these things are used as crutches. I guess the bottom line here is that all the articles about ‘fine-tuning’ (remember THAT term from before locked in stations?) for recessions can’t help people who aren’t doing it right to begin with…And I believe I could support through examination the statement that very few people are. Like me, posting blather at 9:30 in the middle of prime time… I am going to spank myself and get back on the phone.

3 Responses to “If Recession Is Coming, I Hope It Keeps Coming Like This”

  1. tommybutler Says:

    What in the world are you talking about?

  2. Dave Staats Says:

    The post prior to this one and all other articles telling us how to do things in a recession when we don’t do basics to begin with…

  3. HeavyHitter Says:

    We’re rolling in the dough over here…this is a non-existent “recession”.

    – HH

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