Now THIS Might Be a RANT

July 9, 2008

I have a collection of emails going back years from ZoomInfo,RecruiterLife and now evidently RecruiterEarth that may total 100 or more. They seem to be the same people. Those 100 are from after I began saving them for any hungry attorney who wants my case. Bob Style, please forward to a friend. If he/she normally gets 1/3 I’ll volunteer 60% to the attorney who takes this case before we even negotiate.

These emails always have either a return email address that does not work or an opt-out link that appears to work but (evidently) does nothing. For a while, I just deleted them. Then for a while I’d call them and ask that they stop emailing me. They said they would and they didn’t. Now I just collect them. Does anyone have any useful suggestions besides ‘just delete them’? Is there any watchdog group for spamstalking?

I send a newsletter now and then and I always delete the bounced email addresses and the occasional opt-out. We even sometimes call to apologize. It’s just aggravating that these people just ignore the laws/rules and everything else. I guess it is not surprising given many other experiences I have heard about and even seen back when some of these folks used to sell out-dated phone lists and directories.

On a side note, it’s really odd that somehow the remainder of my spam load seems dramatically lower in the past few months.

4 Responses to “Now THIS Might Be a RANT”

  1. Barrett Coakley Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I work at ZoomInfo and just wanted to follow up on my email. Recruiter Life is a 3rd party vendor we contracted with to send out emails on our behalf. As I said in my email, it looks like they are not following the correct procedures on their end. I am looking into this and will resolve the problem for you.
    Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and feel free to contact me directly.

    Barrett Coakley

  2. Dave Staats Says:

    Barrett: This is good news. It was hard to tell what the relationship was. I think I have explained to ‘real’ ZoomInfo people in the past that I just am not a good prospect and that seemed to be accepted ok. This email thing has just been relentless. If it does indeed stop I’ll be quite happy to narrow the focus of my rant.
    Thanks for the message and for finding a way to make sure I got it.


  3. Dave Staats Says:

    I’ll call of the dogs (and attorneys) for now. Jim Shaki called and said he believed the 9 instances of my email address he personally removed might actually do the trick this time. I said that if it does it’ll certainly be good for both of us.
    If YOU need to email people try Constant Contact. I know from experience that their email opt-out system works.

  4. Jim Shaki Says:

    Let me preface this comment by letting everyone know that Zoominfo is not to be blamed here. They simply hired us to market their products.

    Over the past 2 years, I’ve been trying diligently to clean up our mailing lists. Much to my chagrin, I have run into a series of unethical programmers, both in-house and via contract work. Rather than ranting on about it, I sincerely apologize to all that have had a bad experience.

    Dave, thanks for taking my call.

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