My favorite “job order”.

May 19, 2008

“Dave…could you get this person interested in interviewing with us?” It doesn’t get better than having that in an email subject line and having a LinkedIn profile pasted in below.  The guy just met with my client. It made me smile a bit thinking back to a company meeting in the year 2000 when someone openly challenged the wisdom of making every placement I could with this guy. I did 70 people at his company in the ’98 to ’02 years. Then ,sadly, yes, I had to make some ‘marketing’ calls and sell a few new clients. It was horrible. Oh, the inhumanity! He came back last fall and has hired 7 people and is now sending the candidates to me. I wonder if maybe, just maybe,it happened because I didn’t listen to those people talking about eggs and baskets and percentages of business. If you are having what might be your best year ever and you have to keep putting off your blog entries because you can’t stop to write them it is probably not because you spent much time telling clients you had too much invested in them so you had to stop working for them to go find some other company to give only a certain amount of your best efforts to.  I don’t care what trainer says it… I am going to laugh whenever I hear some arbitrary percentage of business is too much to do with one company. I am not picking on anyone here because I forget who says this. And I do not have time to look it up 🙂

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