What’s news?

March 31, 2008

So..saving the meat of the matter for another time, let’s say that a recruiter/manager person publicly leveled accusations so serious and specific as to have someone spreading it via email use the word “unbelievable” in the subject line of the email and report it to NAPS etc. Thinking it to be unbelievable in a more literal sense, I asked someone who knew the accused who had him explain the situation to me. After the semi-public response that now makes it appear the original accuser should be tarred and feathered(been watching John Adams on HBO) the accused wants to ‘leave it alone’ I just don’t believe any interested people should have to leave it alone but at the end of that thought,each time I have it, comes “Who the heck am I to decide? ”  This is one of those deals where someone is clearly lying and wrong and should be at the very least exposed and at worst officially censured by NAPS or someone. Is this enough to give an opinion on what to do? Or do you want to wait until the details are posted…which is what I am trying to decide whether to do…

4 Responses to “What’s news?”

  1. Jerry Albright Says:

    Oh boy! A cliffhanger!

    Please bring this individual forward for a public flogging.

  2. Dave Staats Says:

    I hope we don’t have to put them in the ring to fight it out…

  3. Jerry Albright Says:

    Cage match?

  4. Ted Moore Says:

    You and I ought not to die before we have explained ourselves to each other.

    John Adams, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson, July 13, 1813

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