Where are the women?

October 17, 2007

Totally miscellaneous response….you tell me J    Ever since Martin Marietta offered me a bonus for women and African Americans back in ’86 my response then and ever since has been I will refer all qualified candidates without regard (and sometimes without even knowing) whether they fit any particular groups.   I have not seen the ratio of the two large groups I deal with change much over 22 years. Those being highly cleared highly technical engineers in DC area and very technical traveling consultants. If you look at everyone I have ever spoken with over the years I’d guess the AA group is slightly less than the population percentage but the women are dramatically less. I have some useless ideas about why that is but no idea whether they are right.I know this is much more of an answer than you expected and probably wanted but I am almost surprised at the question. Do YOU know a place where I can find all the women I am not seeing?  I think ,of the 70 people I placed with Dan at FormerClientCo only 4 were women.So bottom line…It is VERY odd but it has been so odd for me for so long it has become my norm…And thanks for the question. I needed something for my blog this week. I’ll redact the names and use this…. D.  

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