Figure out what I saw in Penelope Trunk’s column

July 11, 2007

Penelope, I can’t wait to meet you in October. It’ll be huge fun. Commenter Aaron, “marks’ is an ugly word. If I saw people as marks I would not have 2 people I have placed 3 times,3 people I have placed twice,1 guy placed at the same company twice ,both times for a fee, a million dollar client who became a candidate, a candidate who took a counter-offer hiring a dozen people from me and many placed candidates hiring people from me later. My two oldest relationships in recruiting are the second guy I ever placed and another guy I’ll never place.      Since this is all about ‘ideals’ Let’s stipulate that the best recruiters and headhunters only talk to the best people. The bottom 80% or recruiters/headhunters will certainly fall for tricks like ‘making yourself open and available on places like LinkedIn’ but looking like a top performer is not the same as being one. It is nothing more or less than humane to minimize one’s time with those we can’t help so we can maximize it with those we can…regardless of who’s paying whom. I need to get back to the phones but before I do I am going to go see if I can find a blog somewhere lamenting the fact that hairdressers don’t pay more attention to bald people because they’re too busy working with hairy people. P.S. Erik, if I see the phrase ‘using a headhunter’ once more, I’ll stick my finger down your throat. 🙂

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