Tired of the red software nag

July 10, 2007

Gosh… I love writing in the blog when there’s something to say…and I also love the discipline of doing this but since the last post on the Fordyce Forum I just have not had any of those enlightening,maddening or funny incidents that usually get my fingers cursing. So here’s something for my legion fans just so I can honestly clear the task this time…I have been a supporter of Sprint’s technical actual phone service for quite some time…10 years maybe. I just never hear of, or see, anything better but I did have the opportunity to ask someone in the retention department just today if they are trying to just totally kill their company. It took 42 minutes of talking to 2 different people to have them understand that I should not pay activation or cancellation fees on a number I never had and that I actually canceled with them 2 months before when it came attached to a new piece of equipment. It was truly amazing. Having to make the same explanation 8 or 9 times is hard for normal people. Those who know me are laughing now. On the other side, our 2 week old office coffee pot from Starbucks started leaking this morning. I went there at lunch and swapped it out in about 2 minutes. Faster than getting a drink there. Howard!? Do you need a phone company?!

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