Nothing to complain about….

March 23, 2007

….but it’s early in the morning! Seriously though, the market is so amazing right now that my only personal challenge is time management. I could use 3 or 4 RAs, a couple recruiters and an EA….and after about 6 months of catch-up I MIGHT need to make a marketing call. It is a great position to be in but I’d sure like some advice from people who have been in this position and have passed it. I have hired MANY people who didn’t stick forever but did make some money. And I have a few “graduates” still in the business at other past firms but I am “over” the need to keep “saving” people and tired of “rehab” projects. Where can I get some good competent help? How much do I need to pay an RA/EA and why can’t I get any of the firms who work locally to find me one. I am a headhunter myself and I am damned tired of explaining my needs for an hour to someone else who purports to be one and end up AT BEST seeing the resumes of some unhappy losers they forwarded me off Monster. Ahh….See….. I knew I could work up a little snit before I catch up on my invoicing 🙂  Have a great weekend!

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